Industrial cleaning services

The purpose of industrial cleaning is to maintain the continued functionality of equipment, devices, and systems and to maximise their service lifetime.

Washing of pipelines, sewerage, and wastewater systems;

Hydrodynamic equipment services.

Heat exchangers, tanks, containers, boilers, metal structures, pipelines, etc. are complex, so the most effective way to clean them is by using equipment with exceptional power. Our company has high-pressure cleaning equipment with working pressure of 1000 bar (193 l/min). These and similar technical parameters also apply to other industrial cleaning equipment operated by our company.

Put your trust in our advanced cleaning methods and enhance the efficiency of your company. Industrial cleaning of equipment carried out by KERTEX Energija is efficient and reliable: by integrating professional knowledge and combining diverse technologies, we will fulfil your quality requirements to the utmost degree. Our advantage lies in safe and efficient equipment that ensures the quality of services provided and the best results.


Due to high temperature, conductive elements, uninterrupted device operating cycle of a device, sediment, and other external factors, heat exchangers get contaminated. Heat exchangers, which are found in many companies in the chemical, petroleum, food, and environmental industries, are subject to very strict quality requirements and, therefore, their maintenance is essential for optimal and efficient operation and for quality and economic reasons.

Our company provides specialised (scheduled, technical) cleaning services of all types of heat exchangers, which can be done at the site of the heat exchanger or at any other predetermined location.
During the heat exchanger cleaning, the system capacity is selected based on the material composition.

High-pressure technology is used for both internal and external cleaning of heat exchangers.


Wash head and nozzles are attached to high-pressure hydrodynamic equipment.

The wash head is mounted on a transverse mechanism, which flushes the heat exchanger bundle both vertically and horizontally from all sides.

The heat exchanger is placed on hydraulically controlled roller rails, allowing the operator to rotate the heat exchanger to the required position.

For external cleaning of the heat exchanger, a rotating two-nozzle system is used, which gives the wash head even greater cleaning power.

Extraction and installation of heat exchanger bundles:

Using special equipment for extracting heat exchanger bundles (an extractor), the heat exchanger bundle is pulled out of the housing. The heat exchanger bundle is lowered and fixed securely in the holder. The hydraulic system of the extractor is controlled by a pneumatic motor.

Manual cleaning of the heat exchanger interior:

A manual cleaning lance is inserted into the heat exchanger bundle tubes and is used to clean them at high pressure (1000 bar 193 l/min), each tube individually.

Equipment used by our company for cleaning operations:

  • Compressed air breathing apparatus;
  • Tank gasification gauging devices;
  • Filtering gas masks and self-contained breathing apparatus, special suits with camera and radio communication;
  • Special lighting installations for use in confined spaces or tanks.


The company has qualified personnel, equipment, technology, necessary permits, and licenses for all performed operations.

The company has implemented certified systems of:

Quality Management SGS ISO 9001:2015;
Environmental Management LST EN ISO 14001:2015;
Occupational Safety and Health Management BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

 The company also has all the necessary permits and licenses:

Hazardous Waste Management License granted by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania;
A certificate issued by the Public Institution TUV TECHNIKA to perform cleaning operations in oil and petroleum product installations;
A certificate issued by the State Energy Inspectorate enabling operation of oil and petroleum product installations.

Our services

Industrial equipment cleaning services

Cleaning of heat exchangers, capacitors, steam boilers.

Extraction services

Heat exchanger bundle dismantling, installation.


Mechanical works

Dismantling, cleaning, repairing and installing works. 


Catalyst replacement in nitrogen medium

Industrial reactor catalyst replacement operations in nitrogen medium.

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